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Documentation and Support

Quick Start
For those who want to quickly have something running, this page explains how to setup Dynare on Windows and to run your first model file.
User Guide
An in-depth introduction to Dynare, by Tommaso Mancini Griffoli
Dynare reference manual: a comprehensive list of all Dynare commands and options
Learn in ten minutes how to perform a stochastic simulation of a small model with Dynare
Various bits of information such as new or undocumented features and development plans
Mailing list
Low-traffic list for announcements related to the Dynare project (software releases, conferences and workshops, working papers).
The place where you can ask questions and get feedback from Dynare developers and users
Recent changes
Known bugs
Frequently Asked Questions
Global sensitivity analysis
Global sensitivity tools that are beginning to be added to Dynare version 4 are documented in Marco Ratto (2006) Global sensitivity analysis for DSGE models
Developers' corner

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