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2.4 Configuration

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2.4.1 For MATLAB

You need to add the matlab subdirectory of your Dynare installation to MATLAB path. You have two options for doing that:

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2.4.2 For GNU Octave

You need to add the matlab subdirectory of your Dynare installation to Octave path, using the addpath at the Octave command prompt.

Under Windows, assuming that you have installed Dynare in the standard location, and replacing “4.x.y” with the correct version number, type:

addpath c:\dynare\4.x.y\matlab

Under Debian GNU/Linux or Ubuntu, there is no need to use the addpath command; the packaging does it for you.

Under macOS, assuming that you have installed Dynare and Octave via Homebrew, type:

addpath /usr/local/opt/dynare/lib/dynare/matlab

If you don’t want to type this command every time you run Octave, you can put it in a file called .octaverc in your home directory (under Windows this will generally be c:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\ while under macOS it is /Users/USERNAME/). This file is run by Octave at every startup.

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2.4.3 Some words of warning

You should be very careful about the content of your MATLAB or Octave path. You can display its content by simply typing path in the command window.

The path should normally contain system directories of MATLAB or Octave, and some subdirectories of your Dynare installation. You have to manually add the matlab subdirectory, and Dynare will automatically add a few other subdirectories at runtime (depending on your configuration). You must verify that there is no directory coming from another version of Dynare than the one you are planning to use.

You have to be aware that adding other directories to your path can potentially create problems if any of your M-files have the same name as a Dynare file. Your file would then override the Dynare file, making Dynare unusable.

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