Dynare Conference 2023

Posted on 03 March 2023

The 17th annual Dynare Conference will be held in person at the Central Bank of Malta, Valletta from 19th to 20th October 2023. The conference is organized by the Economic Research Department of the Central Bank of Malta, together with DSGE-net, and the Dynare project at CEPREMAP.

Keynote speakers will be John Hassler (Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University) and Frank Smets (European Central Bank, Ghent University).

The program of the conference is available here.

All papers should be submitted electronically using our [submission form](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScJsLvCPaJ-yJML_2IwKWK24b2qVskJjt_KIQvY_CbJh_9WXg/viewform) no later than midnight CET on 26th May 2023. Authors will be notified regarding the outcome of their submissions by 16th June 2023. The Dynare conference will feature the work of leading scholars in dynamic macroeconomic modelling and provide an excellent opportunity to present your research results.

Topics of this Conference edition will focus on theoretical and empirical analysis associated with:

  • Climate Change Policy and Modelling, Energy Policy, Commodities

  • Central Bank Digital Currency and Monetary policy

  • (Very) Small Open Economies, Core-Periphery in a monetary union

Submissions of papers dealing with different aspects of General Equilibrium modelling and computational methods are also welcomed. Papers using software tools other than Dynare and theoretical contributions are also encouraged.

For further details on the conference, please check out the Dynare website.

Accepted papers will be automatically considered for publication in the Dynare Working Paper series conditional on the agreement of the submitter. Note that publication in the Dynare Working Paper series does not prohibit submission to another working paper series.

For any other requests, please contact: conference@dynare.org.