1st Dynare workshop for advanced users

Posted on 28 June 2022

The workshop will take place in person from Wednesday to Friday November 23-25 2022. The event will be hosted by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Ispra (IT).

Goals and format of the workshop

The workshop aims at presenting, discussing, and sharing experiences regarding advanced features and expert use of Dynare. It welcomes and stimulates exchanges and contributions with/from the audience.

The 2022 iteration of the workshop will focus on the following topics:

  • Solving and estimating non-linear models in Dynare:
    • Occasionally binding constraints: the OccBin toolkit in Dynare
    • Stochastic extended path
  • Contributing to the Dynare project:
    • General principles
    • Introduction to git
    • Dynare’s git repository: issues, debugging, pull requests.
  • Roundtable: “Dealing with large-scale models used in policy institutions: lessons learned, issues, needs.”


The workshop is addressed to advanced Dynare users with backgrounds ranging from academia to policy institutions.


The course will be open to a maximum of 20 qualified and selected participants. Interested parties can apply by sending the following information to school@dynare.org:

Applications should be submitted no later than August 31st, 2022. We will notify successful applicants by September 16th, 2022 the latest.


No fee is due. Lunches, coffee breaks, a social dinner on November 24th, and workshop material are provided.


European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Ispra site via E. Fermi 2749 21027 Ispra (VA), Italy.

Travel and transportation

Participants will have to fund their own travel and accommodation expenses. The organizers have pre-booked rooms in nearby recommended hotels from November 22 until November 25, 2022. The workshop will start around 9:00 on Wednesday and finish around 17:00 on Friday.

Organizers will provide connections between the JRC and Milan Airports (Malpensa and Linate) and the Milano Centrale Train Station on the days of arrival and departure. We also organize two daily connections (morning and late afternoon) between the JRC and the pre-booked hotels. There will be no connection provided from other hotels to/from JRC.


The course is jointly organized by the Joint Research Centre and CEPREMAP. Organizers and animators:

  • Stéphane Adjemian (Univ. Maine)
  • Michel Juillard (Banque de France)
  • Willi Mutschler (Univ. Tübingen)
  • Johannes Pfeifer (UniBW München)
  • Marco Ratto (JRC)
  • Sébastien Villemot (CEPREMAP).

Local organisers: Eleonora Beghetto, Roberta Cardani, Katia Colombo, Fabio Di Dio, Lorenzo Frattarolo.

This is a laptop only workshop. Each participant is required to come with his/her laptop with MATLAB R2014a or later and the latest stable Dynare version installed. We will provide WiFi access, but participants shouldn’t rely on it to access a MATLAB license server at their own institution. As an alternative to MATLAB, it is possible to use GNU Octave (free software, compatible with MATLAB syntax but slower).